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Industry 4.0

Custom Innovations in Advanced Manufacturing
What we do
We are making the fourth industrial revolution! We help corporations and startups launch advanced manufacturing innovations in line with global technology trends.
We are a leading technology community with deep competence
A technology residents’ cluster of our hub includes R&D centers in various areas of Industry 4.0, that are revolutionizing its field.
We work at all stages
of product
Using our 360 R&D service, we help innovative teams find unique opportunities
and launch breakthrough solutions.
We implement innovative challenges
Among the clients of our hub you can find both leading international brands and local companies. They are united by one thing - the creation of breakthrough innovative challenges.
We transform global insights into local challenges
With the help of the Deep Innovation Day event, our hub's experts introduce innovative customer teams to industry-leading scaleups and startups, helping them identify their own innovation challenges and implementation strategies.


Kitchen Culture
Instructive stories about the pitfalls of entrepreneurship from the great innovators.


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